healthy home

Go from a toxic home to a healthy home! Learn how…

If your home is toxic (and it likely is!), you’re NOT likely to be healthy!

It’s time — in fact, way past time — to have a serious look at the toxic influence of your home. Making sure the water, air, textiles, paints, cleaning products, EMFs (and more) aren’t adding to your toxic load is one of the MOST responsible things you can do for yourself and your family. Don’t miss The Toxic Home Transformation from June 25 – July 1, 2018, free and online!

Learn to comprehensively (and easily, in many cases) address possible sources of toxins, and turn your home into the “health haven” it is meant to be: preventative, restorative and calming!

In every inch of your house, from your countertops to your laundry room, you’ve got choices to use products that are harmful, or healthful, to your family. The Toxic Home Transformation will help you learn do-it-yourself “green” cleaning methods, discover health-promoting (and inexpensive!) building and decorating materials, understand vibrational frequencies that harm (and heal!), and gain real-life “home detox” tips from families who’ve done it!

Register today for this free online resource and give your home a healthy make-over!

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