Adrenal Stress

Adrenal Stress with Dr. Ricky Brar

In this episode of The Functional Medicine Radio Show, Dr. Carri’s special guest Dr. Ricky Brar talks about adrenal stress and gut health and getting to the source of the issues.

Dr. Ricky Brar is a Functional Medicine Practitioner with the Living Proof Institute. His role is to empower you with the knowledge and motivation to achieve your health goals. He is passionate about helping you regain your health and get to the root cause of your issues regardless of your diagnosis.

His functional medicine journey started as a patient. After working with several practitioners, he got to the bottom of his energy and digestive issues using functional medicine and has not looked back. Now he hopes to help others recover from their health challenges effectively and efficiently.

Main Questions Asked:

  • What are the blind spots we have about adrenal health?
  • How do we manage our blood sugar properly?
  • Why is adrenal fatigue not accepted as a diagnosis?
  • How can we manage our adrenal health more effectively?

Key Points made by Dr. Ricky:

  • Adrenal health is often the cause of many disorders that can be easily misdiagnosed.
  • Life stress places the burden on the adrenal glands but isn’t necessarily the cause of adrenal fatigue.
  • Gut overgrowth and gut infections can reduce the nutrition the body gets and may not be obviously related to adrenal function.
  • Insulin resistance and blood sugar can also cause adrenal stress and issues. If you can’t skip a meal without feeling negative effects you have a problem.
  • You can have a gut infection without any digestive issues.
  • You can address the adrenals with supplements but it won’t affect the source of the issue which is the gut.
  • The gut is the primary source of good health.
  • Functional medicine is focused on the question “Why?”.
  • Consuming carbs causes your body to produce insulin, but because the typical diet is so carb focused your body can become insulin resistant.
  • Insulin resistance will lead to weight gain and inflammation, brain fog, and other issues.
  • Insulin resistance begins becoming a problem in your twenty’s and thirty’s and can take many years to manifest on blood work.
  • Your diet should reflect your lifestyle – if you’re not active in the morning don’t rely on carbs to get your day started.
  • If you’re thirsty, you should have drunk water an hour ago. Same with hunger.
  • Exercise alone won’t mitigate stress – adequate sleep and rest are important as well.
  • Adrenal fatigue is a state – it’s a maladaptation to a particular set of conditions.
  • Look for ways to reduce stress and your reliance on stimulants like caffeine.
  • Stimulants should be used as a performance booster, not as a crutch to support your lifestyle.
  • Find your blind spots and seek out functional testing – there is a lot going on within your body that you won’t be able to find otherwise.

Resources Mentioned:

Dr. Ricky’s website

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