Entrepreneurial Fatigue

What’s Inside The “On-Demand” Entrepreneurial Fatigue Program, (Part 1 of 2)

Today, and for the next couple of days, I’m gradually letting the cat out of the bag and revealing the exciting details of the Entrepreneurial Fatigue Program.

Now, if you’ve been following along with the e-mails and you watched our Entrepreneurial Energy videos, you already realize this course puts my 20+ years experience to work for YOU so you can:

  • Become sharper, have more focus and more creativity as an entrepreneur;
  • Fuel your brain and body for entrepreneurial success;
  • Powerfully handle life’s stresses while you’re building and running your business; and
  • Stop saying “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” because that’s no way to live!

I’m excited here to…

Start Pulling Back The Curtain And Show You
What You’ll Be Getting When We Open The Doors!

Today, I want to talk about a key fundamental foundation of the course: what makes it more unique, more powerful and relevant to your success as an entreprneur than what you’ve seen up until now.

Many times, entrepreneurs are told to get more sleep, build a virtual team, take more time off, and fire annoying clients.  Do these things, they are told, and they’ll stop feeling so tired.

Or, maybe that well-meaning “tough love” coach will tell you to just deal with it.

Hey, all of this is great; but when you’re dragging and lagging to the point where you can’t complete a sentence in an e-mail to a paying client, we’ve got a problem.

Could It Be That All Of Your Problems
Are In Your Head – Literally?

As in, there’s something chemically going on – that could be fixed with a few adjustments that come from truly understanding what’s going on?

It doesn’t matter, not now, that you’ve “tried everything” and still, you feel unmotivated in, disengaged, from – and, well – sick and tired of your business.

Nor is it important that you may have looked into functional medicine solutions but not followed through for the reasons that made sense for you at that time.

What I will show you provides you the tools you need to

Reclaim Your Entrepreneurial Energy
And Shine In Your Business,
During “Crunch Time” As Well As
Standard Business Hours

The ability to manage your energy levels is something many doctors and health coaches say they can offer.  And most of what they say IS valid and helpful.

Yet, who is showing you

  • How poor brain health cause things like mental fatigue, brain fog, poor memory, depression and anxiety, and what you can do to keep your brain sharp and focused
  • The best diet for great brain health – how to eat healthy and boost your success levels
  • How stress contributes to poor brain health, fatigue, brain fog, depression, and anxiety, and what you can do to help keep stress levels in check
  • Why exercise (the thing that get sacrified first when things get hectic) is important for health, and some powerful ways you, as an entrepreneur, can add exercise to your already busy life
  • What vitamin supplements can help with boosting brain health
  • Easy-to-implement things that will boost your energy levels, give you more brain clarity, and help sharpen your memory within the next 30 days

Even though you may already be getting to bed earlier, keeping the room dark, eating right, and “firing” the stressful situations (and people), chances are these things have not restored your entrepreneurial energy, at least not the way you’d like it to be.

That’s Why I Invite You To Join Me Wednesday
When I Throw Open The Doors To This New
Program That Overcomes Entrepreneurial Fatigue

That’s all for now.

In part II, I cover some of actual content and outcomes you’ll receive and master, and get into some of the incredible, “you can only get that here” training that you receive when you claim your access to this course.

In the meantime, I invite your comments and questions below.

Have a great day!

Dr. Carri

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