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Health Revelations with Dr. Stephen Sinatra

In this episode of The Functional Medicine Radio Show, Dr. Carri’s special guest Dr. Stephen Sinatra talks about Health Revelations.

Dr. Sinatra is known as America’s #1 integrative cardiologist. He’s also certified as a bioenergetic psychotherapist, and nutrition and anti-aging specialist. Dr. Sinatra integrates psychological, nutraceutical and electroceutical therapies in the matrix of healing. His latest book, co-authored with Tommy Rosa, is called Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth.

Main Questions Asked:

  • Let’s talk about how you met your co-author Tommy Rosa.
  • We can discuss any of the eight revelations:  Connection, Faithfulness, Vital force, Grounding, Body temple, Positivity, Self-love, Purpose.
  • What have near death experiences taught us about how to live more healthy on Earth?
  • What is one thing our listeners can start doing today?

Key Points Made by Dr. Stephen Sinatra:

  • I was lecturing in Florida on Earthing, about 5 1/2 years ago, and after my lecture, I went downstairs to the exhibitor’s hall and I asked somebody if anybody had any serrapeptase and Tommy’s wife said “I have some” which was amazing.
  • Tommy walked over to me and said “I really enjoyed your lecture” and then he goes, “By the way, you had a hip replacement and you have an infection in your hip”.
  • And I said, “How could you possibly know that?” and without blinking an eye, he said these exact words:  “Spirit told me”.
  • I said “Spirit told you?” and he said “Yes” and I said “OK, you and I have to talk”, so that was sort of the introduction of Tommy and ever since that time, we have sort of become best friends.
  • Tommy was run over by a car in the Bronx, NY, was killed and then came back to life, and then he was resurrected, so to speak, in the ICU and CCU, he spent 3 weeks on a ventilator, but during that time he had crossed over and went through a tunnel of light, and met Ascended Masters in Heaven.
  • When Tommy got to Heaven, he was told he was there to learn about life, love and health.
  • He got inculated into his brain the 8 Revelations of Healing and the most incredible thing for me, Carri, was that what Tommy learned in Heaven was sort of the same stuff that I was preaching on Earth
  • Tommy learned in Heaven that sugar was the enemy of the body, which causes relentless inflammation.
  • Years ago, I discovered coenzyme Q10, and I was using it in heart failure, and even as Chief of Cardiology, when I was lecturing on the benefits of Co-Q10 and I was citing the medical literature on its benefits, cardiologists were walking out of the room – they couldn’t believe that a simple nutrient could have such a profound impact on the heart.
  • One of the revelations that Tommy learned in Heaven was Vital Force, and actually, he learned the mitochondrial story of aging, so to speak, and I was amazed that he actually filled me up with information that sort of validated a lot of the things that I was teaching on earth.
  • The 8 Revelations is a Divine Perspective from Tommy and is a scientific perspective from me. These are the Health Revelations.
  • One of the first Health Revelations that Tommy learned in Heaven was a Revelation of Connection, meaning that all human beings on Earth are connected to one another.
  • The Revelation of Connection is something that involves not only individuals, but the whole planet, as well.
  • Healing emotions, like love, for example, I mean, love is the most healing emotion that I’ve ever, ever experienced in my entire life, and you know, it’s one of the reasons why pets bring so much to the table.
  • As a heart specialist, when I saw people who were in love or who fell in love, a lot of symptoms would vanish.
  • The vibration of love is very, very healing and that’s what Tommy experienced in Heaven, the incredible vibration of being total love, and total unconditional acceptance, is absolutely again, it’s indescribable, those feelings.
  • If you’re thinking positively, then you can create positive energy as a result of those positive thoughts.
  • The problem is that people are so tied into negativity and the problem is, you become that negative thought and you create the matter that you are thinking about, and that can often be illness.
  • Sometimes we create our own illness by negative thinking and again, these are aspects that I learned on Earth as a psychotherapist and Tommy learned in Heaven, you know, very, very quickly.
  • Whenever we’re ill, we have a physical component to the illness, but there’s always an emotional component as well.
  • We don’t want to become a victim of the illness, because when that happens, then it’s a steady downward course.
  • The Revelation of Grounding – when you put your bare feet on the earth, and you’re taking in the energy of the earth, or you’re sleeping grounded, what you’re really doing is dousing out the fires of inflammation.
  • One of the things that Earthing does for you, it balances the sympathetic nervous system by enhancing the parasympathetic limb so it puts us more into balance and it helps heal the body.
  • The other thing it does, it thins the blood – it creates what we call a beta zeta potential.
  • Whenever the blood becomes thinner, then we get more oxygen delivered to our tissues and we feel better, so that’s the Revelation of Grounding.
  • That’s one of the Health Revelations that Tommy learned in Heaven, in fact, his Teacher told him: “I give my people ways to heal, like touching the Earth, but they don’t do it”.
  • Getting back to Connection, I know Tommy was placed in my path for a reason, and I am truly blessed that God chose to place Tommy in my path because it’s totally changed my whole life.

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