Hormonal Balance

Hormonal Balance with Bridgit Danner

In this episode of The Functional Medicine Radio Show, Dr. Carri’s special guest Bridgit Danner talks about hormonal balance.

Bridgit Danner runs an online women’s health community called Women’s Wellness Collaborative. She has worked extensively in the fertility field, and has worked with many professional women in helping them find health within their busy lives.  Bridgit became passionate about women’s health after her own postpartum health crisis. With the help of life coaching, holistic nutrition, functional medicine and whole food cooking, she was able to recover from postpartum depression, epstein barr virus and adrenal dysregulation. Bridgit loves to share the tools and skills she’s learned, along with the tools of other experts, to help women everywhere find the energy and balance they crave.

Main Questions Asked:

  • Talk about endometriosis and painful period.
  • Should women suffering with painful periods and endometriosis have hope?
  • Are the hormones involved when it comes to painful periods and endometriosis?
  • Talk a little bit about xenoestrogens.
  • What are some of the signs and symptoms if someone has estrogen dominance?
  • What are some things our listeners can start doing today to help with their hormonal balance?
  • What are some of the other common sources of xenoestrogens?
  • How do we get these xenoestrogens out of our bodies?
  • What should our listeners know about hormonal balance?

Key Points made by Bridgit Danner:

  • The most common reasons for menstrual pain have to do with nutrition and toxicity.
  • If you are low in magnesium, a mineral needed for the uterus to cramp smoothly, that can be a factor.  Dehydration can be a factor.  Too much inflammation from your diet and maybe not enough Omega 3’s from fish can be an issue.
  • Toxicity is a factor.  Some women find just detoxifying their diet and their lifestyle helps their hormonal balance quite a bit.
  • There is hope for women who are suffering from Endometriosis and painful periods. So many women are accepting of the cramps, thinking that is just them, and their cycle – but these cases can be resolved easily to restore hormonal balance.
  • In treating endometriosis, it can be a bit more complicated, but adding in some high quality turmeric, anti-inflammatory immune regulating supplements, even medicinal mushrooms can be helpful.
  • Hormones can be involved in painful periods, as in the case of some teenage girls with bad periods who have very high levels of hormones.  In a case like this, hormones may play a role, but a normal amount of hormones shouldn’t make for a painful period.
  • As for endometriosis, they are still trying to figure out why it happens. There is probably a genetic component, it could come from back-flow of uterine blood or it might be an autoimmune disease.  Hormones may be involved but they are not to blame.
  • When talking about xenoestrogens, they are everywhere, but there is a lot that we can control.  We can control the cleaning products in our homes, we can control the quality of food, we can read labels and start to learn things.
  • One thing to look for on a label is the word “Fragance”, that is always a xenoestrogen.  It looks so innocent – it’s just a word….“Fragrance”, “Perfume” “Parfum”. It’s in everything, but it is a xenoestrogen.
  • The structure of some of these chemicals looks to the body, and acts in the body like a hormone, so it stimulates those receptors, and there are reactions.
  • If we can’t de-tox hormones out because there are too many or because our de-tox pathways are in trouble, then we are storing those toxins in fat. This can be over-stimulating in our cycle, which can cause estrogen dominance.
  • Some of the signs and symptoms of estrogen dominance are excess body weight or trouble losing weight (the body is making more estrogen and holding on to it).
  • You can also have very heavy periods, or skipped cycles if you aren’t ovulating or you are under stress, and the body isn’t producing enough progesterone to balance out the estrogen.  Infertility can also be a symptom of estrogen dominance.
  • To help with your hormonal balance, start with getting the toxins out, eating organic foods, hydrating, exercising, even just talking a walk in nature/
  • Stress management can also be helpful. Women need to nurture themselves – learn to be with friends in a healthy way, go for walks, get up early to meditate, read a book at lunch, take a bath at night, dry brush your skin, use essential oils to relax – this should all be a part of our daily lives.
  • Xenoestrogens can be also be found in canned foods (cans are lined with BPA), thermal cash register receipts (have BPS, a cousin of BPS), beauty products (make-up).
  • There are two systems that support detoxing – the liver and the gut.
  • The liver needs a lot of nutrition to do its job – you have to nourish the body.  Detox by eating broccoli, brussel sprouts, onions, garlic, eggs (if you tolerate them) liver, lemons (especially in the morning), and greens (leafy greens, green powder and juices).
  • Lying in the sun is good for detox, because Vitamin D is good for supporting the liver and hormonal balance.
  • The gut removes toxins – we need to move our bowels and not have our bowels irritated.  Having a wide variety of fibrous foods is good for the gut and hormonal balance.  Buy a leek, learn to cook fennel.
  • Fermented foods are good, so having kombucha tea, kimchi, or sauerkraut is helpful. Try probiotic supplements, exercising, sweating – they are all a good way of detoxing and regaining hormonal balance.
  • Our hormone system is very delicate and often our cycle is one of the first things to tell us that something isn’t right, so pay attention to the signs, like spotting, heavy periods, migraines every time you have your period.
  • Using hormonal birth control depletes nutrients and is hard on the liver and can cause difficulties with fertility once you have gone off of them.  There are more and more natural birth control options available.

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