How to Eliminate Embarrassing Hot Flashes

One of the most common questions I get is:

“Hey Dr. Carri, can you do anything about hot flashes?”

For most women, hot flashes are totally embarrassing.

This was the case for Susan.

She had been a patient of mine for a few months, and we had been working on her thyroid (and we won that battle, by the way), when she asked me the magic question.

Then she told me her story.

13 YEARS of Hot Flashes!

Hot flashes every day and every night.

Hot flashes at least 10-15 times a day.

The smallest activity triggered them…even making hot tea would give her a hot flash!

This is what she felt (multiple times a day no less!):

A surge of heat through her body…then a beet red face…sweat dripping from all sorts of places…

(She never wore pants by the way, because sometimes she sweat so much it looked like she wet her pants)

(And, she never wore dark clothes, either, because that showed the sweat the most!)

Wet hair…then off came the clothes as fast as she could.

And you can bet Susan didn’t own any sweaters…never needed a winter coat…never even wore socks (not even in the bitter Canadian cold).

Susan worked for Transport Canada which means she was ALWAYS around men. Not just any men, but VIPs, CEOs, international dignitaries. You get the picture. This is why the hot flashes were SUPER embarrassing for her.

So back to the magic question.

Susan had already tried all the typical hot flash remedies you can find online, or you hear Dr. Oz talking about.

None of them worked.

So I tried acupuncture on Susan.

A quick aside here:

There are 2 kinds of acupuncture – traditional Chinese acupuncture, and Western acupuncture.

Traditional Chinese acupuncture is what it sounds like…acupuncture the way it was originally intended, with meridians, chi, and yin and yang included.

Western acupuncture, on the other hand, is what most chiros, physios, massage therapists, and MDs learn. It goes something like this… “let’s stick a needle where it hurts”.

See the difference?

(I am trained in both, by the way).

If you’ve tried acupuncture before and “it didn’t work for you”, my first question is who did your acupuncture and what kind of acupuncture did you get? See the point? Don’t write-off acupuncture as “it doesn’t work” before you have tried both kinds first.

Okay, okay, back to Susan.

Acupuncture treatment #1 (and I did the traditional Chinese method):

I used 12 needles total on her feet, ankles, knees, hands, and forearms. She didn’t even have to put an embarrassing gown on. She just rolled up her pant legs and we were off to the races.

After the first treatment she went from “always being hot”, to being “lukewarm”.  Bingo! We are on the right track. So, I continued the treatments, and after the 4th treatment her hot flashes were gone, gone, gone!

Susan now wears fleece, heavy clothes, socks, sweaters, and had to buy herself a proper winter coat this season.

By the way – if acupuncture didn’t work for Susan…

The next thing I would have done…

(A great Functional Medicine Doctor always has a back-up plan up their sleeve!)

Is run a saliva hormone test for cortisol and DHEA (to test her adrenals)

And/or start a brain balancing program

(since all the hormones are under the control of the brain).


Dr. Carri Drzyzga, DC, ND – The Functional Medicine Doc

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