The Brain-Heart-Gut Connection – Online Health Summit

Are you ready for a deeper connection with yourself, your health, and your planet?

In today’s fast-paced world, more than ever before, our lack of connection (to each other, to nature, to eating, and to our own spirits) feeds our impulsivity, affecting our food choices and ultimately our health.  The modern diet is addictive, high in sugar/refined carbs/oils, and keeps us from connecting to the part of our brain that identifies long-term consequences (prefrontal cortex).  Instead, it woos our amygdala, the birthplace of impulsivity.

Then there are our lifestyle habits, like lack of sleep, the absence of regular movement, and addictive behaviors like smartphone and computer usage.  These all affect our weight, and as our cortisol levels rise, and inflammation increases, we damage  the reward centers of our brain.

This is what makes The Brain-Heart-Gut Connection such a necessary answer!

I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Cat Dillon.  When we met, Cat told me her story of living with eczema, a condition that causes itchy & scaly skin irritations that are embarrassing and hard to live with, which then made it difficult for her to leave the house. She suffered for years with sleepless nights, anxiety, and depression, and knew that she needed to find an answer.

She had tried almost every remedy in Western medicine; steroidal drugs, anti-allergy medications, antihistamines and more!   It’s why she started her lifelong journey to address her brain, heart, and gut, and why she became a registered holistic nutritionist.

It wasn’t until she addressed her gut and her brain with dietary changes, supplementation, stress reduction, and mindfulness that she was able to make a complete turnaround in her health.

This is why I’ve joined hands with Cat Dillon, RHN, on the journey to bring you the solutions for The Brain-Heart-Gut Connection.

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