Treatment for a Concussion

(Natural) Treatment for a Concussion with Dr. Joanny Liu

In this episode of The Functional Medicine Radio Show, Dr. Carri’s special guest Dr. Joanny Liu explains the natural treatment for a concussion.

She is a doctor, author, speaker, brain expert, and international leader in Chinese Sports Medicine and Chinese Sports Psychology. Her newest book is called Heal Your Concussion: How to Quickly and Effectively Get Back in the Game.

One of Dr. Joanny’s major strengths is her deep understanding of the connection between our psychology and physiology. Dr. Joanny became vitally interested in concussions due to her own adult son suffering a severe concussion that blinded him. It was with her already proven FLOW™ process that helped him take back control of his brain, his mind, and his life.

Main Questions Asked:

  • What are the most common signs of a concussion and how do we know when we can just shake it off and get back in the game or when we really need expert help?
  • Would a headache occur immediately or days or weeks after the concussion?
  • Once we get one concussion is it easier to get another one even with a smaller injury?
  • What are some of the pitfalls of typical medical treatment for a concussion?
  • Is lowering stress one of the steps in treatment for a concussion?
  • Can you walk us through the FLOW™ process?
  • Can you give us a real case example of treatment for a concussion?

Key Points made by Dr. Joanny:

  • One of the major symptoms of a concussion is headache. The headache does not always appear after being hit in the head.
  • Most concussions can be handled at home with parents or some other care-giver.
  • You should be looking out for things like that and nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, and sleep problems.
    Usually a concussion is a knock to the head to wake up over some particular behavior that needs to be changed.
  • There is no typical treatment for a concussion in the conventional medical world. What they usually tell you is to have complete rest but unfortunately recent research is saying that if you’re forcing somebody to completely rest and do nothing, stay in a room alone, it can actually prolong the symptoms or make them worse.
  • It’s not just a physical structural thing. It’s also the psychological factor because a person who is told to stop doing everything for several days at a time, what happens when somebody goes through that? They start thinking about worse case situations. They get more in a panic mode than a reassured mode and they’re more susceptible to depression.
  • In order to make changes to the brain during treatment for a concussion, we have to be thinking different thoughts and feeling different ways because the brain is a highly emotional organ.
  • In the case of my son, when the headaches started, he knew that he had a concussion. He decided to drop all of his extracurricular activities but the one thing he couldn’t stop doing was work.
  • When he finally came to me over two weeks later, everything had gone from bad to worse.
  • I told him that he would have to do everything that I told him to do because there is a process to healing a concussion.
    I want people to know that there is something that you can do for treatment of a concussion. There’s hope. You’ve got to make a decision and you’ve got to lower your stress. Stress is a major factor in brain health.
  • What you think about always has an emotional reaction to it. Every thought is neutral until you apply an emotion. It’s up to you.
  • When something negative sneaks into your mind – blow that thing out. Get it out of your mind immediately and you start thinking about what you want and why you want it and that will lead you to more optimism.
  • Stress kills brain cells. The way I help people to lower their stress level is to build up their self-confidence and self-worthFLOW™ stands for Freedom, Learning, Optimism, Wisdom.
  • For Optimism and Wisdom, they’re interrelated. The more you know about yourself, the more that you know that you are a fantastic, strong person then the more optimistic you’re going to be.
  • My son had made that decision. Week by week, he got better and better, stronger and stronger, a few weeks had gone by and he was back at practices again.
  • It had only been a couple of months. The reason that happened is because he was taking control of the situation, of his own healing process, with my help but he was doing most of the work. That’s what’s important – doing the work, getting it done and healing.
  • It’s been more than three years. He’s had no relapses, no more headaches, no eye problems, nothing. He’s in perfect health and doing exactly what he loves.

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Book – Heal Your Concussion: How to Quickly and Effectively Get Back in the Game

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