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Watch Dr. Mark Hyman’s Newest Brain Health Documentary, Broken Brain 2

Dr. Mark Hyman, a leader in functional medicine, is absolutely one of my health heroes!

His newest documentary, “Broken Brain 2” is going to blow the lid off of how our society thinks about brain health. He shows why the way we think about issues like Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, mood disorders, attention deficit disorders, and depression is completely wrong!

This film will definitely help anyone kick brain fog to the curb for good, in addition to safeguarding your mental health and cognitive abilities, no matter what your age!


The good news is you can watch it for free online here at this link.

My patients and followers know that I am passionate about brain health issues, so it’s no surprise that I’m prescribing this documentary to everyone! You simply cannot understand how the brain works and how to protect your brain without implementing the fundamental principles in this documentary.

Don’t be another statistic for depression or dementia, and don’t accept a drop in your quality of life because you somehow don’t feel as sharp as you did when you were younger. There are answers! And the answers start with educating yourself by watching “Broken Brain 2.”

Thanks for joining me and Dr. Mark Hyman in creating a brain health revolution through functional medicine! Spread the work and share this post with your friends and loved ones so they can watch too!

Here’s a link to a preview:

Broken Brain 2 Trailer



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