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Brain Health with Dr. Peter Kan

In this episode of The Functional Medicine Radio Show, Dr. Carri’s special guest Dr. Peter Kan talks about brain health.

Dr. Kan is a board certified chiropractic neurologist, certified in functional medicine, and a fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine.  Dr. Kan is the creator of NeuroMetabolic Integration, a breakthrough approach that combines functional neurology and functional medicine to treat complex neurological, endocrine, and autoimmune disorders.

Main Questions Asked about Brain Health:

  • How would you explain functional neurology in plain simple terms?
  • How does fatigue factor in?
  • Can you talk about the fuel the brain requires?
  • What is a good blood pressure?
  • What are tips for taking care of your brain health?

Key Points Made by Dr. Kan about Brain Health:

  • Functional neurology is focused on balancing the neurology, soft lesions as opposed to hard lesions.
  • The brain is integrated with the whole body.
  • If your brain isn’t working properly, it can affect many different areas of the body.
  • The brain is one of the least focused on areas of functional health.
  • If you have digestive problems and have tried every solution without effect, it could be your brain health.
  • Fatigue can be a system of your brain cells not firing.
  • The next evolution of health care is the combination of functional medicine and functional neurology.
  • If a lot of sensory information is coming at you and you become fatigued, you may have a brain issue that needs to be addressed.
  • Without constant stimulation, your brain cells will die.
  • Oxygen and glucose are all required to maintain proper neurological health.
  • Proper blood sugar is very important, too high or too low or your brain won’t be getting the resources it needs to function properly.
  • 120/80 is an optimal range for blood pressure. Check your blood pressure to see where you are.
  • Check your insulin sensitivity and adjust your diet accordingly.
  • Creative activities are a good way to promote brain health without going to see a doctor.
  • Executing the same tasks over and over again can make your brain less adaptable, your day should incorporate a variety of tasks.

Resources Mentioned for Brain Health:

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