Leaky Brain Online Summit

Do you know someone struggling with brain health issues?

Strong mental and physical health is now more important than ever. Leaky brain often goes undetected and can underlie stress, anxiety, depression, neurological disorders, brain degeneration and autoimmunity. Caused by various lifestyle factors — infections, stress, trauma, poor diet, environmental toxins — it is a brain health issue that is treatable and preventable! Don’t miss…

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Vagus Nerve Online Summit

Things you NEVER knew about the vagus nerve

Many people in this modern world overstimulate their nervous systems and become desensitized to chronic stress. Over time, this can lead to low vagal tone, which has been linked to a variety of mental and physical health issues, including chronic inflammation, neurodegeneration, poor gut function, autoimmunity and cancer. And we know this to be true:…

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Finally: the help you need for Autoimmune Disease.

Living with an autoimmune disorder can be so frustrating! My colleague, Lynette Jorden, has been in your shoes and she is now on a mission to show others living with autoimmune disorders that there are options when it comes to healing. Join us starting May 26th for a FREE online series to give you some…

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Rock Your Midlife: Reinvent Yourself and Make Your Next Chapter Your Best Chapter

Your Optimism Booster Shot Are you stuck in fear, stress and overwhelm? Forgotten your dreams? You’re not alone. With all the uncertainty and chaos, it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning let alone stay positive and manifest your dreams. However, when things feel like they’re crumbling, it’s just showing you that there’s…

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The Brain-Heart-Gut Connection – Online Health Summit

Are you ready for a deeper connection with yourself, your health, and your planet? In today’s fast-paced world, more than ever before, our lack of connection (to each other, to nature, to eating, and to our own spirits) feeds our impulsivity, affecting our food choices and ultimately our health.  The modern diet is addictive, high…

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neurodegenerative disorders

Neurodegenerative Disorders with Dr. Greg Eckel

In this episode of The Functional Medicine Radio Show, Dr. Carri’s special guest Dr. Greg Eckel explains his FAN-C Approach to Parkinson’s Disease and other neurodegenerative disorders. The combination of Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and botanical medicine) has provided Dr. Eckel with a variety of tools to treat both acute and chronic illness while…

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The Wahls Protocol for Autoimmune Disorders with Dr. Terry Wahls

In this episode of The Functional Medicine Radio Show, Dr. Carri’s special guest Dr. Terry Wahls explains her updated version of the Wahls Protocol for MS, autoimmune disease, and a number of other health issues. Dr. Wahls is an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner and a clinical professor of medicine at the University of…

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environment and your health

The Environment and Your Health with Jon Mitchell

In this episode of The Functional Medicine Radio Show, Dr. Carri’s special guest Jon Mitchell talks about the relationship between the environment and your health. Jon Mitchell is a certified Physician Assistant turned Functional Medicine Health Consultant who shows driven professionals how to get abundant and sustained energy, mental clarity, and resolve their chronic health issues. Main Questions Asked…

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Mental Illness – A Different Approach – with Dr. Kelly Brogan

In this episode of The Functional Medicine Radio Show, Dr. Carri’s special guest Dr. Kelly Brogan talks about a different approach to treating mental illness. Kelly Brogan, M.D., is a holistic women’s health psychiatrist, author of the New York Times bestselling book, A Mind of Your Own, and the children’s book, A Time for Rain,…

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Mold Toxicity and Exposure with Dr. Ann Shippy

In this episode of The Functional Medicine Radio Show, Dr. Carri’s special guest Dr Ann Shippy explains the symptoms of mold toxicity and mold exposure. Dr. Ann Shippy, MD, is on a mission to help create extraordinary wellness by using cutting-edge science, testing, and the latest genetic research to find and treat root causes—and not…

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