Dr. Carri DrzyzgaIf you need a great guest for your podcast or Internet radio show who can motivate, inspire and deliver actionable and valuable content to your audience, look no further! Dr. Carri is an excellent guest to talk about:

  • How I Overcame My Battle With Fatigue
  • The Four Most Common Nutrient  Deficiencies That Cause Low Energy
  • Why the Expression “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” Is Never A Good Idea
  • How Poor Digestive Health Can Actually Fuel Fatigue
  • How to Fuel Your Brain and Body for Entrepreneurial Success
  • How To Be Sharper, Have More Creativity As An Entrepreneur
  • Food Allergy Testing – The Good, Bad, and Ugly That Most Doctors Don’t Talk About
  • It May Be All In Your Head – The Brain’s Role in Fatigue
  • How to Deal With Life’s Stresses While You’re Building and Running Your Business

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Dr. Lo Radio with Dr. Lauren Noel

The Better Relationship Podcast with Susie Miller

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The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore

  To book Dr. Carri as a guest on your podcast, email Info@DrCarri.com!

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