Breaking Negative Thinking Patterns

Breaking Negative Thinking Patterns with Ora Nadrich

In this episode of The Functional Medicine Radio Show, Dr. Carri’s special guest Ora Nadrich focuses on breaking negative thinking patterns.

Ora Nadrich is a certified Life Coach and certified Mindfulness Meditation teacher as well as the author of the groundbreaking book, “Says Who? How One Simple Question Can Change the Way You Think Forever.” Ora’s rare combination of insight, intuition, compassion and charisma has made her one of the most effective and sought-after life coaches in Los Angeles.

Main Questions Asked about Breaking Negative Thinking Patterns:

  • What prompted you to write this book?
  • How do people get started with this method?
  • Is there anything we haven’t talked about that you think is important?

Key Points Made by Ora about Breaking Negative Thinking Patterns:

  • Ora’s first Says Who moment was at the age of fifteen when her sister had a mental breakdown. She developed an anxiety that never really went away.
  • She believed a thought that wasn’t true. Ora discovered this after a deep inquiry into her thinking mind. This is where the ‘Says Who’ method began.
  • We have 40 to 70 thousand negative thoughts each day. It’s the negative thoughts that hit us most that we give the majority of our attention.
  • Don’t push away your negative thoughts, analyze them. Your thoughts become beliefs, which become emotion and behavior.
  • Realizing a thought isn’t true is a way of releasing them. Many of the thoughts we have are not our own.
  • Think about a negative thought that you have and ask yourself these seven questions:
    • Says who?
    • Have I heard someone else say this thought before?
    • Do I like this thought?
    • Does this thought make me feel better?
    • Does this thought work for me?
    • Am I in control with this thought?
    • Do I want to keep this thought or let it go?
  • You are the creator and master of your internal dialogue. Release and replace your negative thoughts with thoughts that serve your well being.
  • The inner journey is about peeling back the layers and being inquisitive. The Says who method is a way to get to know yourself and come to know what your thoughts are all about.
  • The first step is acknowledging you need to change and are ready to change. Be the observer versus being the reactor, witness your thoughts.
  • Begin today to get to know your thinking process better. Make a commitment to the transformation.
  • Health is more than nutrition and exercise – you need to do some regular mental health cleaning too. Find at least 10 minutes a day to be quiet, still, and with yourself.

Resources Mentioned for Breaking Negative Thinking Patterns:

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