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Heart Health Tips with Dr. Joel Kahn

In this episode of The Functional Medicine Radio Show, Dr. Carri’s special guest Dr. Joel Kahn talks about heart health tips and how to never die of heart disease.

Dr. Kahn is a Professor of Medicine and is known as America’s Healthy Heart Doc. He has been treating patients for over 25 years and combines hi-tech and hi-touch natural therapies to reach his goal of preventing one million heart attacks starting with yours.  He is a graduate of the University of Michigan School of Medicine and has advanced cardiology training. He has authored over 150 scientific papers, 3 books that all reached #1 on Amazon, and hundreds of blogs found on the Huffington Post and MindBodyGreen.

Main Questions Asked:

  • What started your interest in cardiology?
  • How do we detect heart disease earlier in life?
  • What are the next steps for someone whose tests come back abnormal?
  • What other breakthroughs in treating heart disease have happened in past few years?
  • Will eating eggs affect your cholesterol?
  • If you were stranded on a desert island, what are three things you would want to help your heart?

Key Points Made by Dr. Kahn:

  • Cardiovascular disease is one of the most common causes of death in North America.
  • Medicine starts with history. Stress, exercise, sleep, and diet can all contribute to heart disease.
  • A lipoprotein-A test is a standard test for cardiovascular disease that everyone should look into. Other tests include cholesterol, homocysteine, and thyroid.
  • A deep groove in the lower part of the earlobe indicates the presence of heart disease.
  • Coronary calcification scoring, CAT scans, and ultra sounds of the heart can give you a better look at your heart health beyond your cholesterol count.
  • Everyone should pursue a heart healthy lifestyle and follow these heart health tips.
  • Check to see if your doctor can access a coronary calcium scoring test to get the best idea of the condition of your heart health.
  • Vitamin D has been shown to improve cardiac parameters in at least one study.
  • Statin intolerance has been shown to be an actual syndrome recently, many people feel negative effects when prescribed statins for their heart disease.
  • It’s important for the medical industry to follow up and observe the long term effects of the new drugs and techniques that are being used to treat cardiovascular disease.
  • Sleeping seven to eight hours a night can drastically reduce your odds of a heart attack when combined with other healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Infrared Sauna Therapy tends to improve heart health indicators and correlates to better outcomes.
  • Adding eggs to an average diet in the past showed an increase in cholesterol, today since the average cholesterol is higher studies haven’t been able to duplicate those results.
  • Easy heart health tips – if you’re trying to reverse heart disease, eggs are something you should remove from your diet.
  • Heart healthy smoothies tend to contain organic blueberries, organic greens like spinach, flaxseed or hemp, almond milk, and a lot of spices like tumeric.
  • Organic spices are a great source of anti-inflammatory effects that you can use in smoothies or meals.

Resources Mentioned:

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