Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis – Part 1 with Morgan Toombs, RN

In this episode of The Functional Medicine Radio Show, Dr. Carri’s special guest Morgan Toombs, Registered Nurse shares information on medical cannabis.

Morgan is the Nurse Manager of Canada’s first Nurse Practitioner led Medical Marijuana Clinic “O Cannabis Clinic”.

She is a multi-published author, Humanitarian Award winner for exceptional nursing care, as well as an award winning Adult Educator. Morgan is passionate about helping Canadians navigate the confusing medical marijuana landscape and believes that Canadians should have affordable and timely access to medical marijuana – even if they live in the Yukon!

Main Questions Asked about Medical Cannabis:

  • What got you into the medical marijuana arena?
  • What are some of the most common ailments people seek medical cannabis for?
  • Will medical cannabis make you high?
  • What does O Cannabis Clinic do?
  • What is the difference between a dispensary and street dealers?

Key Points Made by Morgan about Medical Cannabis:

  • Morgan’s experience with using cannabis to treat chronic pain was how she was initially exposed to the world of medical cannabis.
  • The top three ailments that most people seek out cannabis for are: chronic pain, insomnia/sleep disturbances, and anxiety. It also has been applied to other issues like childhood epilepsy.
  • Research is also showing that cannabis also has positive benefits for autoimmune disease and more.
  • A lot of the research on medical cannabis comes out of Canada, Europe, and Israel but even one patient that benefits from it is research evidence.
  • Patient experience and patient preference make up 50% of good clinical evidence. All studies of groups of people are composed of individual accounts.
  • Medical marijuana can make you high but it doesn’t have to. The medicinal ingredients may not have that side effect because you can isolate the cannabinoids that have healing benefits without inhibiting you.
  • People look at cannabis through the old lens of recreational drug use. It can be addictive but it has been proven to be less addictive than coffee, sugar, or caffeine.
  • Our bodies are designed to receive cannabinoids.
  • O Cannabis clinic is a newer clinic that is helping Canadians get medical cannabis without paying extremely high fees. Medical marijuana can be very difficult to acquire even if you have a prescription.
  • Medical cannabis encourages patients to really understand how it makes them feel. Patients learn the process of taking the right dosage and understanding the different effects.
  • A licensed producer is an organization that is legally allowed to sell medicine to medical cannabis patients. Dispensaries tend to pop up and close their doors quickly, since they are considered illegal. There are a lot of safeguards with licensed producers and none with dispensaries.
  • Licensed producers are visited regularly by Health Canada to ensure that the medicine is sound and safe to sell.
  • A licensed producer can’t physically sell you medical cannabis. There is a mailing process that you have to register for and have the cannabis shipped to you.

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