Restore Gut Health

Restore Gut Health with Dr. Jillian Teta

In this episode of The Functional Medicine Radio Show, Dr. Carri’s special guest Dr. Jillian Teta talks about how to restore gut health.

Dr. Teta is the author of “Natural Solutions for Digestive Health” and creator of the Fix Your Digestion gut restoration program—an online, do-it-yourself comprehensive system that can be used by anyone with digestive distress or digestive disorders to feel better.

Dr. Teta is the President of the North Carolina Association of Naturopathic Physicians (NCANP), and practices at the Naturopathic Health Clinic of North Carolina in Winston-Salem.

Main Questions Asked:

  • What needs to be in place to have good digestion?
  • What kinds of things happen to our digestive fire as we grow older and what can we do about it?
  • How do bitters play a part in digestion?
  • How should we eat and prepare dandelion greens?
  • How does the second brain affect the digestive system and how does it change when we get older?

Key Points Made by Dr. Teta:

  • The digestion system acts as a central hub and impacts the immune system, the second brain, and the endocrine system.
  • The health costs associated with digestive problems in North America is huge.
  • You have to eat for your unique body and take your symptoms into account.
  • Your overall health can be improved by increasing the health of your GI tract.
  • Your ability to create stomach acid is reduced as you age.
  • Travel and stress have a greater impact on the GI tract as you age.
  • Take six to ten deep breaths before eating. This stimulates the nervous system and prepares the body to consume.
  • Slow down the eating process, eat with the mouth closed; put down the electronics and pay attention to what you’re eating.
  • Bitter foods or apple cider vinegar can be used to supplement your digestive fire.
  • Tannins found in bitter foods stimulate the production of acids and keep the body regular.
  • Dandelion, apple cider vinegar, and coffee are bitter supplements.
  • Raw dandelion is extremely bitter but can be sautéed to make it more appealing.
  • The second brain monitors all the important factors in the digestive tract. It operates independently of the central nervous system.
  • As we age, our nervous systems have less flexibility and adapt to stress differently.
  • A good way to balance the second brain is to take a walk in a natural environment and practice being present, also known as forest bathing.
  • Relaxing in conjunction to appropriate exercise is important to maintain flexibility in the nervous system.
  • Getting adequate sleep is also very important.
  • Drugs that reduce stomach acid also reduce the digestive tract’s ability to absorb nutrients and increases the risk of infection.
  • Stomach acid is one of the major defenses your body has against pathogens.
  • Take care of your microbiome by eating a lot of prebiotic fibres.

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