Tips for Healthy Living

Tips for Healthy Living with Dr. Eva Selhub

In this episode of The Functional Medicine Radio Show, Dr. Carri’s special guest Dr. Eva Selhub talks about your health destiny, how to live longer and be more healthy.

Dr. Eva is an internationally recognized physician, author, speaker and consultant in the fields of stress, resilience, mind-body medicine and working with the natural environment to achieve maximum health and wellbeing.

Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Dr. Eva is on staff as an adjunct scientist at Tufts University and is a Clinical Associate of the world renowned Benson Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Dr. Eva’s new book is “Your Health Destiny: How to Unlock Your Natural Ability to Overcome Illness, Feel Better, and Live Longer”.

Main Questions Asked:

  • What inspired you to write this book?
  • What’s the best way to respond to our body’s signals?
  • What is the connection between serotonin and the gut?
  • What advice can you give people who are chronically ill?
  • What are some tips from the book you can share?

Key Points made by Dr. Eva:

  • Your body is always changing and moving and always has the ability to heal.
  • Your body is constantly communicating feedback to you.
  • Whispers from the body are to communicate that a change needs to be made.
  • When you aren’t attuned to your body’s signals, the underlying conditions get worse.
  • Age is a factor, but it’s not the sole reason you feel bad. The better you take care of your body the less age plays a role.
  • You must put your body and mind as the highest priority.
  • You have to really listen to the sensations your body is giving you so you can learn what your body needs.
  • Nutrition, meditation, sleep, and friendship are the structures that support a functioning body.
  • Every component of your body has evolved to detect danger. Your lungs and gut are part of this defense mechanism.
  • Having a strong healthy gut with a proper microbiome is key to good health.
  • What we eat will raise or lower our serotonin levels.
  • There are ways to minimize or eliminate the effects of chronic illness.
  • Changing your mindset from ‘victim’ to ‘victor’ can help you overcome and heal.
  • We can only manage the way we feel – we can’t change the world.
  • A diagnosis isn’t just a label – break it down and take control.
  • Pause, Optimize your knowledge, Witness, Emotion, and Release, Relieve, and Restore.
  • Slow down your life and pay attention to what your body is telling you it needs.
  • Approach yourself with love instead of sacrifice.
  • Be honest with yourself: Are you sleeping enough and eating the right food? Are you spending time with the people who build you up or tear you down? Are you fueling your body properly?
  • You are the one who knows your body best.

Resources Mentioned:

Book – Your Health Destiny: How to Unlock Your Natural Ability to Overcome Illness, Feel Better, and Live Longer

Book – The Love Response: Your Prescription to Turn Off Fear, Anger, and Anxiety to Achieve Vibrant Health and Transform Your Life

Dr. Eva’s website

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Book – Reclaim Your Energy and Feel Normal Again

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