Chronic Pain Treatment

Chronic Pain Treatment with Dr. Joe Tatta

In this episode of The Functional Medicine Radio Show, Dr. Carri’s special guest Dr. Joe Tatta explains about chronic pain treatment.

Dr. Tatta is a doctor of physical therapy, board certified nutrition specialist and functional medicine practitioner who specializes in treating persistent pain and lifestyle related musculoskeletal, metabolic and autoimmune health issues.

His mission is to create a new paradigm around treating persistent pain and reverse our global pain epidemic. He is the creator of the Healing Pain Online Summit and the host of The Healing Pain Podcast designed to broaden the conversation around natural strategies toward solving persistent pain. Dr. Tatta is the author of the bestselling book Heal Your Pain Now; A Revolutionary Program to Reset Your Brain and Body for a Pain-Free Life.

Main Questions Asked about Chronic Pain Treatment:

  • Can you talk about the state of pain in North America?
  • How does chronic pain get stuck in the body?
  • Can you talk about movement and exercise in relation to chronic pain?
  • Are there any other tools or suggestions to leverage the healing power of the mind?
  • Can you talk to us about nutrition?

Key Points Made by Dr. Tatta about Chronic Pain Treatment:

  • Chronic pain is the number one complaint for chiropractors and physical therapists. The most common treatments are medication and surgery.
  • Painkillers are the first line of treatment and many people become addicted.
  • Chronic pain is usually treated as a symptom instead of a disease in and of itself. We have to shift our mindset and treat the root cause of the problem.
  • When the body is injured it has a natural inflammatory response that leads to healing. Chronic pain is when pain persists afterwards.
  • Central sensitization is when your brain continues to produce pain as an alarm after your tissue is healed. It’s not to say your pain isn’t real.
  • Pain can be a real needle in a haystack, but a good doctor will not give up when looking for the cause.
  • Up to 50% of people with chronic pain are diagnosed with depression.
  • Movement is one of the best forms of treatment when it comes to chronic pain.
  • Stopping yourself from exercising can end up reducing your threshold for pain. Approach your threshold and push it further each time.
  • A basic walking or yoga practice is a good way to start. Increase your activity as your pain starts to go away.
  • Tai Chi and Qigong are excellent ways to reintegrate the body and mind.
  • The best way to leverage the healing power of the mind is to stop believing the myths around pain. Your negative thoughts lead to a fight or flight response and can exacerbate your condition.
  • Celebrate your small wins and reframe the way you see suffering. Pain is the physical response, suffering is the emotion attached to the pain.
  • Nutrition should be your first step in treating chronic pain in your body. You have to address your biochemical makeup.
  • Switch to a whole foods diet or elimination diet. You have to discover your food friends and your food enemies.
  • Be your own advocate, ask your practitioner to treat your pain naturally first. You can always say “no thank you” and seek other treatments.

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