Even I Was Shocked When This Cured Her Chronic Back Pain

Some patients really frustrate me. Anne was one of them…but not anymore.

Anne felt sickly all the time. She caught one cold after another. So tired she had to take naps in her car just about every day.

All her energy was spent at the office. Then she would come home and collapse on the sofa. She would fall asleep at 6pm, so she had no social life anymore. Her irritable bowel syndrome didn’t help, either. She stopped walking her dog. She even had to stop playing her favorite sport – tennis.

She was achy all over. In her lower back. In her upper back. In her shoulders and neck. And in her knees.

Anne was trying it fix her health all on her own…reading things on the internet and buying vitamins…but she got to a point where she couldn’t do it alone and knew it was time to “call Dr. Carri”.

Anne really wanted to feel better, but she definitely did not want a “band aid” approach. She wanted to find and fix the underlying cause. I knew I was the right doctor to help her.

I reviewed her medical records and ran some tests. Her case seemed really straight forward. I put Anne on the right supplements, and we started acupuncture treatments to help her pain.

The problem was Anne wasn’t responding to treatment as I expected her to.

The acupuncture helped her pain, but it was mostly temporary. And her blood work wasn’t improving as I expected. I didn’t like that at all. With all the effort we were putting in I expected to see much more improvement. I knew I was missing something and this really frustrated me. I knew I hadn’t found the real underlying cause yet.

So, I reviewed Anne’s file again and was quite certain Anne had a sensitivity to gluten, even though previous testing on this was all normal. I asked Anne to remove gluten and dairy from her diet for a week. She cringed.

But, she did it. For a week. And felt remarkably better.

Then she stopped. And felt worse. I knew we were finally on the right track!

I had Anne tested for food sensitivities next. And guess what was at the top of the list? Wheat and dairy! (And eggs, corn, and yeast…which Anne now admits she probably already knew but wasn’t ready to admit at the time).

Anne cringed again, but knew she had to totally change her diet, stop eating wheat and dairy, and all the other foods she was sensitive to if she really wanted to get better.

Anne came back for her follow-up visit and shocked me totally.

She completely changed her diet! And, within seven days…

No more pain. No more bloating or stomach cramps or indigestion. “It’s amazing to feel good after a meal. And, I have lost 10lbs in the process!”

It was the food sensitivities that were the underlying problem!

“I am now eating clean wholesome foods. I went away on a family vacation and made rice, quinoa, and salad dishes that everyone enjoyed. Now I am feeling so much better thanks to Dr. Carri!”

Now, Anne feels like a preacher. She thought she would miss all those foods that were making her sick, but she is just being more creative with cooking. She said “I am more concerned about having good health than eating those foods”.

She has a lot more energy. The IBS is gone. Now she plays tennis three times a week. And is walking her dogs again. Overall she feels more confident.

Even her sons want to be around her more. Her sixteen year old said “Mom, you have so much more energy and you just seem happier!”

Anne’s recommendation for new patients: “Just try what Dr. Carri says. See how you feel. Even with the gluten free diet. Just be open to trying different things.”

Make a promise to yourself starting today:

STOP feeling lousy…rotten…awful…crummy…miserable…terrible…crappy.

Find a good Functional Medicine doctor to help you get to the root cause of your health problems.

Like I always say:

Find the cause.

Fix the cause.

Feel normal again!


Dr. Carri Drzyzga, DC, ND – The Functional Medicine Doc

Find the Cause. Fix the Cause. Feel Normal Again!

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