Fitness After 45 with Elizabeth Phinney

In this episode of The Functional Medicine Radio Show, Dr. Carri’s special guest Elizabeth Phinney discusses the importance of fitness after 45.

Elizabeth explains how she could not find a fitness program for a 45 year old woman and so she developed one herself!

Elizabeth specializes in inspiring men and women to recognize the power they have in their own aging.  Through her Get F.I.T. Workshop™ she inspires people to want to eat better and exercise more.

One vehicle she uses is a meditative strength training technique she created called BodSpir™ for Fitness After Forty Five™.  Elizabeth is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer since 2000, and a member of the Experts Industry Association.

Main Questions Asked:

  • After all these years of training people, what’s the one thing that you have learned above all others?
  • How did you get started in Personal Training?
  • Where did the name BodSpir come from and how did you develop the methodology?
  • What was the most surprising thing you learned that you weren’t expecting when you started training people?
  • What is the biggest resistance you find in people exercising?
  • What is the one lesson you wish everybody understood that would change their lives forever?
  • What is the difference between exercise and activity?
  • What are the four cornerstones to healthy and energetic aging?
  • How about inflexibility?  How does that relate to the aging body?
  • There’s been a lot of controversy in the fitness industry about whether or not to stretch.  Why do you think it is so important?
  • If there was one recommendation to give for people about eating and their diet, what would it be?

Key Points made by Elizabeth:

  • When you give to your body your body will respond back to you in kind.
  • BodSpir is meditative strength training – exercising in rhythm with your breathing.
  • The biggest resistance people have is they do not take the time or will not dedicate the time to themselves for exercise.
  • Elizabeth created her fit workshops to help inspire people to exercise and find the core reason they want to exercise.
  • You actually have much more control over your health than you really know.
  • Being active is not the same as exercising. Exercise is something you do that is solely for your body to become stronger and healthier.
  • The four cornerstones to healthy and active aging – Hydration, Exercise, Rest, Eating.
  • Hydration – drink pure water until your urine is just a slight tint of yellow.
  • Exercise – give your body an hour a day of exercise solely for the purpose of maintaining good health and good flexibility.
  • Rest – rest your body for at least 8 hours daily, including sleep and meditation.
  • Eating – the food in your mouth determines the future of your body.
  • Stop eating junk food and processed food for one week and see how your body responds.

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