How to Lose Weight by Having More Fun! with Nichole Kellerman

In this episode of The Functional Medicine Radio Show, Dr. Carri’s special guest Nichole Kellerman talks about how to lose weight by having more fun.

Nichole is a weight loss coach, and has been featured on many popular websites. Her business Wildly Alive Weight Loss is for women who want to stop dieting, re-frame their minds so they can reshape their bodies. Her teachings are like nothing you’ve ever heard.

When she’s not fearlessly (but lovingly) pushing her clients into a lifestyle they dream of, you can find her laughing with friends, connecting with nature and loving up on her boyfriend and two dogs.

Main Questions Asked:

  • Would you share your weight loss story and about feeling wildly alive?
  • Why do you think women don’t lose weight successfully? What’s the #1 thing you see women doing that keeps them from releasing weight?
  • What’s it mean to live wildly so you can lose weight?
  • What are three practical steps that can help us lose weight by having more fun in life?

Key Points made by Nichole:

  • As soon as Nichole starting living life and having fun all her extra weight just came right off.
  • When you go out and enjoy life your body automatically balances your weight.
  • The key to weight loss is tuning into your body – being able to listen and connect to your body.
  • Personify your ego to help connect with your true self. Give your ego a name. Consider even drawing a picture of it.
  • The first step to changing a habit is to become conscious of the unconscious.
  • Living your life and enjoying yourself helps you make better decisions and process your emotions better.
  • Take a step outside of your thoughts to notice when your ego is holding you back from the weight loss success you’re seeking.
  • It’s not exercise and nutrition that makes us healthy; it’s really our mindset that makes us healthy.
  • When our mindset is healthy then nutrition and exercise just naturally and subconsciously fall into place so there’s no will-power or strain or feelings of deprivation to deal with.
  • Become a food lover – it’s not what you eat but how you eat.
  • Look at your food.
  • Observe what you taste, notice all the ingredients, and then say ‘thanks’.
  • Venture in and notice how your body is responding to eating a meal.
  • Eliminate distractions – internally and externally – while you’re eating.
  • Rest your fork and breathe.
  • Feel Good Now technique – aim for at least 3 daily.

Resources Mentioned:

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Nichole’s FREE Weight Loss Success Kit

Nichole’s website

Book – Reclaim Your Energy and Feel Normal Again

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