Never Bet Against Dr. Carri

Jocelyne is a fiercely independent woman. She’s a single mom. She’s self employed and runs multiple businesses. She’s highly successful. She’s very passionate about life and loves to help others.

When you think of the Energizer Bunny, you think of Jocelyne! Except when she called me her batteries were nearly dead.

Her energy was 1-2 out of 10. Her brain was fuzzy and felt like she was “walking in a cloud”. She felt weak. Lightheaded. She felt bloated everywhere. Her sex drive was a zero. She woke up every night between1am and 2am. She stopped exercising. She even stopped socializing with her friends.

Jocelyne is one of the best in her field as a real estate broker. But at this point her business was starting to suffer. She stopped pursuing business opportunities, even easy ones, because she just didn’t have the energy. Between appointments with clients she would set her alarm clock and squeeze in a nap at every chance.

Jocelyne went to see her family doctor. After some blood work, X-rays and a CT scan of her chest she was told “Your tests are normal. I think you are starting a depression or a burn out.” She was sent to a neurologist for a brain MRI, and saw a cardiologist, too. After more than seven months of life passing her by the little voice inside Jocelyne’s head said “Go see Dr. Carri”.

Here’s the funny thing – Jocelyne came to see me but only told me HALF her story because her friend bet her $50 against me. Hahaha. What do they say in Vegas? Never bet against the house because you will always lose. I say: never bet against Dr. Carri!

One of the first things I did was request the blood work that Jocelyne’s family doctor did. Remember her doctor told her everything was normal? Well, it wasn’t. She had a very obvious B12 insufficiency. When I say ‘very obvious’ I mean it was right there in black and white on the lab report – “insufficient B12”. This is one of the most common causes of fatigue, and can also cause foggy brain and bloating.

Her doctor never bothered to test her vitamin D (“the sunshine vitamin”), so I did that, too. Her vitamin D was extremely low – her body thinks it’s in hibernation mode! No wonder she’s so tired!

And remember how Jocelyne said that she woke up every night between 1am and 2 am? Well, that is a big, big indicator that her acupuncture channels are blocked. Specifically the flow of energy in her liver channel. (Google “horary clock” to learn more about this.)

I started treating Jocelyne immediately with acupuncture and specific vitamins. Within a month her bloating stopped. She sleeps much better. Her energy went from 1-2 to 6-7 out of 10. She no longer naps. She exercises – yoga twice a week; and 4 times a week a forty minute workout and/or power walk. Her sex drive went up. Her brain is working normally again. Production is up and she has the energy to grow her businesses again.

Jocelyne’s case is still in progress. But, she has realized that she should see me at least once a year just for a check-up, even if she feels great, to focus on preventative medicine.

Jocelyne loves to help others and this is why she is sharing her story. Her advice for all new patients – “Don’t be like me and only tell Dr. Carri half the story. Tell her everything. Even the smallest little thing may be the key to healing you.

“And, when you start getting better, you should see Dr. Carri at least once a year for a check-up and preventative medicine. You can’t see inside your body and if you don’t do preventative medicine how can you stay healthy!

“We all take so much time at the hair dresser, having our nails done, pedicures, shopping for new clothing… don’t we have time to make sure that the inside of our body is healthy? Because, to tell you the truth, when you feel like I did you realize that those superficial things don’t count and are useless unless you can fully enjoy them. And don’t tell me you can’t afford this either, because if you just cut on the things I’ve just listed you won’t need them, because you’ll look as fantastic on the outside as you will on the inside!

“I promise that I will never do this to me again!!! I love life way too much! And I also promise that I will always trust my gut feeling (It’s always right anyway…). Dr. Carri, I cannot thank you enough for being my savior three times now over the past thirteen and a half years!

Make a promise to yourself starting today:

Stop feeling lousy…rotten…awful…crummy…miserable…terrible…crappy.

Find a good Functional Medicine doctor to help you get to the root cause of your health problems.

Like I always say:

Find the cause.

Fix the cause.

Feel normal again!


Dr. Carri Drzyzga, DC, ND – The Functional Medicine Doc

Find the Cause. Fix the Cause. Feel Normal Again!

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