Return to Food – The Life Changing Anti-Diet with Sherry Strong

In this episode of The Functional Medicine Radio Show, Dr. Carri’s special guest Sherry Strong discusses her life changing ‘anti-diet’ and provides some great tips on healthy eating. Sherry also discusses why organic foods are the cheaper option and learning to trust our food instincts.

Sherry is a food philosopher, chef and nutritionist. She is the author of Return to Food – the Life Changing AntiDiet. She was the Curator & Co-Founder of the World Wellness Project, the Victorian Chair of Nutrition Australia, the Melbourne President of Slow Food, and a TEDxTokyo 2009 speaker. Sherry’s created the Return to Food Academy where she teaches people online to become Return to Food coaches.

Main Questions Asked:

  • Can you tell us about your book Return to Food – the Life Changing AntiDiet and why we are so sick?
  • Why don’t we trust our instincts when it comes to food?
  • What is the banana story?
  • What is the lethal recipe?
  • Why won’t food alone make us well?
  • Why are organic foods cheaper than conventional foods?
  • What are some tips on how we can eat more naturally in such an unhealthy food world?
  • What are three things we can do today to help increase our energy levels?

Key Points made by Sherry:

  • 95% of diets don’t work because they do not focus on what’s going on internally with how we think and feel about food.
  • If you change your life from the inside you do not need to diet.
  • Animals in the wild know what to eat – if you give them a higher quality food choice they will always choose that instinctively.
  • We’ve stopped trusting our bodies and instead have relied on what marketing companies tell us about what foods to eat.
  • Many people are allergic to foods not because of the food itself, but because of the pesticides and herbicides they contain. Oftentimes, people are not allergic to organic versions of food.
  • Chimpanzees know the difference between regular bananas and organic bananas and always choose the organic first and eat them whole (whereas they will peel regular bananas and throw the peel away).
  • The lethal recipe is about how we’ve processed our foods and stripped away all the good, healthy stuff and refined it into something that becomes highly addictive and nutrient poor.
  • Refined sugar + refined oils + refined grains + refined salts + chemicals = the lethal recipe.
  • When you’re cooking soup or broth do not skim off the scum – it’s actually loaded with micronutrients and phytochemicals that are really healthy for us.
  • Food alone usually is not enough to get healthy again because our bodies get too depleted in nutrients.
  • Organic foods are cheaper because they are 40-60% higher in nutrients – eating nutrient dense organic foods means you will actually eat less and get full faster as compared to non-organic foods.
  • Look for foods that are not genetically modified (GMO). Buying organic means the food is non-GMO.
  • Determine what are your biggest energy suckers and start removing toxic sources of food.
  • Replace conventional salt with sea salt.
  • Replace canola oil with cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.
  • If it cannot be made by nature then you should not eat it.
  • Hydrate with good water from a natural spring.

Resources Mentioned:

Book – Return to Food: The Life Changing Anti-Diet

Sherry’s website- Return to Food

Sherry’s email – to request Sherry’s free ebook

Book – Reclaim Your Energy and Feel Normal Again

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