She Didn’t Think ‘The-Worst-Migraine-Ever’ Was Curable…Until We Did It!

Jennifer still holds the record in my office for the worst migraine ever.

Her story starts with this email she sent me on a Sunday night…

“I was given your name by one of your patients, and I am hoping that you could help me with my migraines. I am 27 years old and suffer from chronic migraines. My neurologist insists that my migraines are normal, although as I write this email, I am battling a 20-day long migraine attack.

“I’ve seen 4 doctors in the last 3 weeks, have had 2 ER visits and filled prescriptions for 8 different medications. As per my neurologist, I spent 4 days in my bedroom with no natural or artificial light, I’ve taken time off of work, followed her pill regimen to the T and I still have migraines every day.

“I am considering getting acupuncture but know very little about this kind of medicine. All in all, I just want to be better. I have 4 kids and a husband at home who need their mom to be better! Please let me know if there is any new patient opening. I am looking for an alternative to prescription drugs.”

I read that email and it just about broke my heart.

I contacted her immediately Monday morning and squeezed her into my already busy Tuesday schedule.

Day 22 of The Worst Migraine Ever.

Jennifer came into my office Tuesday as you would expect.



Her husband drove her to my office.

She sat in my exam room telling me her story…with tears running down her face…holding her head…in excruciating throbbing pain.

Her neurologist actually told her she “didn’t need another appointment” for a month, and recommended she go to the emergency room…AGAIN.

I immediately went into full-on “stop-worst-migraine-ever” mode.

I was scared…

Scared that I wouldn’t be able to stop this horrific migraine and that Jennifer would continue to suffer.

I mean, she had already tried THE most powerful drugs on the market to no avail.

Could Functional Medicine even help her?

This would be the perfect test for my new No More Migraines Program.

That same day I treated Jennifer with acupuncture, and sent her home with a mega-dose of three simple, proven, anti-migraine nutrients: vitamin C, magnesium, and vitamin B2.

When she left my office her migraine was the same, if not a tad worse.

I called her at home the next day (Wednesday) to check up on her.

She said “Well, it is so weird, Dr. Carri. I was so, so skeptical about coming to see you. And I thought ‘What do I really have to lose at this point?’ And then I walked out of your office kind of feeling worse.

“And I took all the vitamins you told me to.

“And then I slept for eleven hours straight.

“And when I woke up the migraine was GONE!

“It’s GONE! I just can’t believe it! IT’S FINALLY GONE!”

When I saw her the next day I met (for the first time) the REAL Jennifer.

A young woman who is so bubbly and friendly and kind and warm and outgoing.

You could just tell that she is the sweetest, nicest person and a wonderful mom.

Her smile lit up my office.

In fact, she couldn’t stop smiling (a “side-effect” of treatment).

And she couldn’t stop talking, either (another “side-effect”).

To this day she tells EVERYONE her story. And, she FIRED her neurologist!

By the way – if Jennifer’s migraine didn’t get better, I already had my Plan B ready to go.

(A great Functional Medicine Doctor always has a backup plan.)

My No More Migraines Program has 11 components to it, and for Jennifer I used only 2 of them.

So, essentially, I had 9 more tricks up my sleeve to use if needed.


Dr. Carri Drzyzga, DC, ND – The Functional Medicine Doc

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