We’ve Hit a New Low!

Well, it finally happened.

And you never know who it will be either.

Or, when it will happen.

He came in to see me and didn’t have a whole lot to complain about – restless legs syndrome and allergies. If I could help either of those he would be grateful.

But really, all he wanted was to be healthier.

Get some testing done.

See which vitamins he needed to help improve his overall health.

Classic preventative medicine.

Simple enough.

And I’ve got to say these kinds of patients rarely walk in the door to see me. The kind that says “I’m feeling healthy. I’m eating healthy. I’m exercising. I’m meditating. Now I want to be tested to see what vitamins I’m lacking and should take.”

That’s what makes this case so interesting for me.

And I’ve got to say that last time we hit the low in the office was with a patient who had a history of lymphoma. Lymphoma is a cancer of the immune system. Her number was 33. So when we hit the low that day it made sense to me – there is plenty of research that being low will put you at risk for cancer.

(And, plenty of research saying that having enough is very protective against cancer in the future…as long as your number is above 100. Ideally, 125-250.)

But I digress. Back to the main story…

We hit a new low this week. His number was 17. Seventeen!!

I’m talking about his vitamin D level. He shattered the record for the lowest vitamin D I’ve seen to date. I was shocked!

Vitamin D deficiency is extremely common. It is talked about as the Grand Deceiver. In an article by Dr. John Cannell, head of the Vitamin D Council, he says that vitamin D deficiency may mimic or present as:

  • Frequent infections
  • Osteoporosis
  • Chronic pain
  • Gingivitis
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Sun sensitivity
  • Fibromyalgia

(Does any of this sound like you, reader? Or, someone you know?)

Of course, you will never know if you have vitamin D deficiency unless you get tested.

Think your family doctor has tested you? Think again.

OHIP has not covered vitamin D testing for a few years now. And most family doctors won’t test your vitamin D unless you practically beg them to do it. They will say “It’s unnecessary – most people are deficient.” Or, “It’s an unneeded burden to the healthcare system – laboratories already have enough to do.”

Don’t believe any of it.

Get yourself tested.

At least once a year. Every year.

THAT is real preventative medicine!

(I am mega doing this patient on vitamin D drops to get his levels up to ideal quickly.)

(If this patient was to take the standard dose recommended by most family doctors he would still be deficient!! That’s why I recommend you get tested, and then retested, to find the dose you need to get your levels ideal at 125-250.)

Even if you’re feeling pretty good make a promise to yourself starting today:

Find a good Functional Medicine doctor to help you be healthier.

Get some testing done.

See which vitamins you really need to help improve your overall health.

That’s REAL preventative medicine.

Like I always say:

Find the cause.

Fix the cause.

Feel normal again!


Dr. Carri Drzyzga, DC, ND – The Functional Medicine Doc

Find the Cause. Fix the Cause. Feel Normal Again!

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